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Experience the most realistic graphics in a flight simulator

Aeronautek can build you a custom and affordable flight simulator

Flight simulation has come a long way since its early implementation. Computer graphics and technology have made flight simulation very realistic and affordable, even for the home user. 

The most recent release of Microsoft Flight Simulator has brought numerous flight training scenarios with highly detailed graphics and realism. Because of this, Aeronautek is able to build custom flight simulators to provide pilots with a unique training experience. 


Flight simulators provide many benefits over real-world flying. An operator can change the weather, the time of day, their location, the aircraft they are flying and simulate system malfunctions with just a few mouse clicks. Another benefit is the much lower cost of running a flight simulator rather than using a real aircraft. 

Because of the realistic graphics in Microsoft Flight Simulator, pilots can practice going to unfamiliar airports or locations and become familiar with real-world buildings and landmarks. This is a great benefit to student pilots that are just starting out in their pilot training. 

Our flight simulators come with virtual reality (VR) capability for enhanced realism


Not all simulators are created equal

Building a flight simulator requires the right hardware and configuration to be best utilized. This means it takes someone with experience and knowledge on how to build a high-end computer and configure the controls and settings to make sure everything works as it should. Aeronautek has this experience and knowledge. 


All of our flight simulators will be built with the latest technology so you can experience flight simulation the way it was meant to be. This means it can run at high graphics settings and still run smoothly. Don't be surprised if you think you are in a real aircraft flying over a real city. 

We also offer something else that many other flight simulation companies do not - remote support. When we set up your flight simulator, we will make sure it is connected to the internet so it can receive the required updates and allow us to remote in if needed. This will allow you to start using the simulator quickly after we fix any issues that may arise. 


Want to integrate Microsoft Flight Simulator with Foreflight? We will also install this add-on into the simulator so your pilots and practice using Foreflight as if they were using it in a real aircraft. Our simulator will have its own WiFi connection to support using an iPad or iPhone. How is that for realism? 

Because of the requirements set by the FAA, our flight simulators cannot be used to log flight time. They can still however be used for training scenarios and seeing how a pilot would react during certain scenarios. 

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