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Your solution for low voltage and fiber optic cabling

Aeronautek can install low voltage and fiber optic cabling

Nearly every airport needs a fast and reliable network infrastructure to support its operations. This includes their flight operations, guest WiFi networks, phone systems and security cameras. Our engineers at Aeronautek are capable of installing and maintaining your network backbone so you can have reliable communications. 


Fiber optic cabling fits right into an airport environment. The speed is faster and can travel much farther distances compared to ethernet cabling. This allows multiple buildings on airport property to be on the same network. Fiber optic cabling also solves the problem of having many network switches spread over the facilities.

Have your network grow with your needs.

When your operations get bigger, we can easily expand your network to keep up with your needs.

Secure access to your network

Are your server and network racks open to unauthorized personnel? This can lead to a data breach or compromise of your network and systems. Aeronautek recommends that all of your servers and network equipment be locked and only accessible by authorized personnel. 

Hacker seated in server room launching cyberattack on laptop.jpg
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