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Physical security is just as important as cybersecurity

Have Aeronautek design and install your next security camera system

Security cameras are an important layer of airport security. They can alert security staff of what is happening in nearly all parts of an airport, both inside and out. Security cameras are also an important part of recording any critical events that may happen in or around the airport and aircraft. 

But not just any camera system will do the job. When it comes to airport security, the correct type and quality camera system must be chosen. This is where Aeronautek comes in. 

Camera Installation

We only use National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) certified cameras with high-definition video recording. These cameras are also capable of seeing clearly in low-light conditions. Specialty cameras such as license plate cameras, PTZ cameras and thermal cameras are also available. 

Need to view your cameras remotely?

Our camera systems can be viewed on nearly any smartphone or tablet. Have your security staff be able to view the cameras from anywhere. 

Aeronautek monitors the health of your security cameras

With advances in camera technology, we are now able to receive health alerts regarding the condition of your camera system. These alerts let us know if a camera goes offline or if there is an issue with the system not recording. 

Artificial intelligence can be used to detect unattended objects in sensitive areas, facial detection, vehicle detection, human detection and many other analytics.

Have Aeronautek install cameras in your fleet vehicles

Does your airport provide transportation by bus or van? Aeronautek can install security cameras in these vehicles as well. You will also have the option of monitoring the speed and locations of these vehicles by means of GPS which is integrated into the camera system. The camera views can also be viewed remotely in real time. 

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