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Keep your communications open with a robust VoIP phone system

Having a reliable and versatile phone system is a necessity in today's business world. This is why Aeronautek has partnered with a world-class VoIP phone provider so you get to stay in touch with all of your clients. 

The future of communications is not only with voice communications but also with video and messaging. With our offered communications system, you get to have all three in one platform. 

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Need to stay in touch while you are out of the office? Not a problem as you can use a mobile app to send and receive calls and messages just as if you were sitting at your desk. This is a great option for on-call employees that may need to take a call after hours - such as when a late flight arrives and they need fuel services. 

Since VoIP phone systems utilize the internet it only makes sense to have a trusted technology partner manage your phone communications as well. This is a growing trend and will become the norm in the near future. Get future-ready by having Aeronautek get you set up with a reliable VoIP phone system. 

According to Network World, the average lifespan of a PBX is 8.5 years. But given the cost and difficulty of replacing one, you might find a PBX lurking in a back closet at one or more of your locations that’s 10 or even 20 years old—in some cases, predating smartphones.

Benefits of a VoIP phone system

Cloud PBX

Essential business apps are now born in the cloud. But for any number of reasons—not the least of which is the relatively large investment required for a new PBX—many businesses have delayed upgrading their PBX and moving it to the cloud. Consequently, you may be living with a communications system that lacks the capabilities and flexibility to support rapid growth or business agility. Or you may be dealing with the worry that you are literally one aging component away from the complete failure of your company’s business communications.

Always have the latest features

Some legacy PBX systems come with a limited feature set, and more advanced products may charge extra for basic features such as voicemail or the latest unified communications tools as they become available. With our communications service, the latest features and capabilities are continually integrated into the system.

Keep all communications on one platform

The typical company with an on-premises PBX uses a patchwork of business communications tools—stand-alone fax machines, individual internet fax accounts, third-party audio and video conferencing, and web meetings, and now team collaboration. This approach typically lacks connection or synergy among the various tools. In addition, as the service accounts have accumulated over time, you may need to manage multiple, and sometimes redundant, bills from the various providers.

Manage multiple locations

Maintaining and administering phone systems at multiple locations—especially where there are PBX hardware and phones from different vendors at the various sites—can present a management nightmare for IT. However, by having the entire phone system in the cloud, enables any IT person to manage the phone system from any location using a simple web interface or mobile app.

Support mobile and remote users

Premises-based phone systems inherently lack direct connectivity to remote and mobile workers, and more advanced systems can charge you separate licensing fees. With our phone system, workers at remote locations or home offices are connected in the same way as employees in the main corporate office. Additionally, the mobile app—which works on any iOS or Android device—essentially transforms a mobile phone into a desk phone and a powerful communications device.

Adapt the phone system to your business

When you are growing or simply competing in today’s competitive markets, you cannot afford anything—including a business system—that holds you back.

“The proliferation of mobile devices and the growing BYOD phenomenon has pushed legacy on-premises communications systems beyond their capability to serve today’s distributed and mobile workforces.”
—Robert Mahowald, IDC Program Vice President for SaaS and Cloud Services

VoIP features


With a cloud communications system, each phone extension and department has its own free voicemail inbox with multiple options for managing voice messages. You can access voicemail messages from every enabled device or app, including your desk phone, email, mobile device, desktop app, and online account.

Doucment sharing

We’re all looking for a secure way to share and upload files. With more businesses encouraging flexible working and many employees communicating between different workspaces, file sharing is essential in ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Unlimited calls

One of the best reasons to use a VoIP phone system vs landline phones is the unlimited long-distance calling. With traditional phone service providers, when you make a call outside of your area code, you are automatically charged for a long-distance call. Most VoIP providers include an unlimited calling plan so you can make voice calls from anywhere in the US and Canada without paying extra.

Video meetings

Video meeting solutions are becoming more and more essential as collaboration tools for businesses. Even in the new age of remote working becoming the norm, you can still have a personal interaction that’s pretty similar to meeting in person.

SMS messaging

Use text messaging and send business SMS seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, and the desktop app. Message colleagues, clients, and department groups with this text messaging service for business. Recipients can reply via Business SMS, MMS, or their native SMS.


Get more done together with the largest ecosystem of integration apps in the communications space. Our communications system can integrate with over 200 other services. 

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