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Passengers demand a fast and reliable WiFi connection

Airline passengers are vast and diverse, many of whom need a WiFi connection to do business or to be entertained while sitting in a terminal area. 

There is a rapidly growing number of mobile devices such as laptops and tablets that work best when connected to the internet. Passengers expect airports to have a fast and reliable WiFi connection available. 


Passengers are not the only people at an airport that require a wireless internet connection. The majority of pilots now use an electronic flight bag (EFB) for their flight planning. These devices, mainly iPads periodically need to be updated to get the latest maps and navigation data. Having a wireless network for use by pilots will allow them to get these updates for the best flight planning experience. 


Aeronautek is able to design and install an enterprise WiFi system at your airport. 

We can set this up as either a free or paid WiFi option depending on your needs. 

You can also engage users with video ads or marketing campaigns. 

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